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Where do these likes, followers?

Have you ever wondered where all those "fake" likes, ers, views, and more come from? Let's shed some light on this frequently asked question and look at some possible sources of major SMM panel vendors!


Let me start with the information that this market is a kind of closed, invisible and inconspicuous one. You can even say that there are layers of SMM panels and service providers. From end-user-centric sites that provide fancy interfaces and salty pricing on different layers of SMM dashboards (which you'll also find on this site), to actual vendors. And let me put it bluntly: you won't find real wholesale suppliers to buy from until you've built an SMM panel enterprise for yourself.

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 1 Bot Farms

The most classic way is to get these likes and ers from bot farms. A bot farm today is essentially a smart piece of software that connects hundreds and thousands of accounts with a huge supply of geo-fixed private proxies. These services are often highly and fully automated, but require a large amount of business-specific knowledge and a large amount of patching and patching to keep up with the security of modern social networks. Most of the cheap services for Instagram and Twitter are 100% based on bot farms, which doesn't automatically mean, that they are all marked as bots, but that's another topic.


These days, building and maintaining bot farms is a lot more work than it might seem, and owners are secretive about their business from the outside. They are only interested in selling SMM services such as subscribers and views in bulk to other resellers. There is software available to manage your own farms, however you will still have to buy/create and maintain hundreds of accounts and private proxies. Unless you're going to do it on a massive scale, it's likely not going to be profitable at all.


There are several high-quality bot farm services available. If the list of accounts is well maintained and checked against bot lists, even fully automated bot farms can have a huge positive impact on your ranking using the algorithm of social media platforms. Most large panels offer similar services at a higher or average price (that is, they don't try the cheapest ones).)


2 Legitimate Real Signals

Over the years, people have found hundreds, if not thousands of ways to get people to click on something. Some services will create posts on their feeds and pages with clickbaity titles to get clicks, likes, and ers from you. Some even go so far as to buy real ads on the chosen social platform and resell them to you at the price of pay per signal. Since these methods require more work and lead to real users, they are usually much more expensive, but can also be much better for your ranking.


If you just want to see your numbers grow, this probably isn't what you're looking for, but if you're providing something of value and just need extra visibility, these types of services are definitely worth a look.


Depending on the method and type of content that your new fans and subscribers will see, however, this may also lead to a bigger drop, because users are again more likely to be unknown than bots. Make sure to plan good posts ahead of time if you're buying real ers to provide them with the best you can offer so they're more likely to stay!


3 Shadow Real Signals

Most reputable SMM dashboards no longer provide any questionable services because they are uniable, but you can find them online. Sometimes they use the technique of false clicks, content blockers, and the like, which while they lead to real users, will also lead to a high drop rate afterwards. It's not always easy to spot these services if you look beyond well-known and used SMM dashboards, so always start with a small order if you're not sure.



We found out that most of the services are based on bot farms. But we also want to make it clear that this isn't so bad, it means that what you get comes from a controlled source of quality, whose business model is based on keeping their service alive and running well. And as always in life, you get what you pay for, but this also does not mean that cheaper services do not make sense to exist and be used!


Learn more about SMM panels and start using social networks that push superpowers today! 

source: https://bestsmmpanel.shop


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